We Are Doing Our Part

March 1, 2020

To combat the current health crisis that is sweeping across the country, we are doing our part to create a safe clean environment for all of our clients, employees and guests.

As more information is released by the Utah Health Department and CDC we will continue to update our standards of practice to keep our clients and staff healthy and safe.

What exactly are we already doing? Everyday before seeing any clients, our team sterilizes the facilities, including doors, railings, light switches, counters, tables, chairs, desks, all equipment, etc.

Every surface that our clients may come in contact with is sanitized using hospital grade Cavicide1. Safe, not only for the environment, but also our clients.

In addition, each of our Therapists properly wash their hands and re-sanitize each room in between sessions.

Additionally, we are asking employees and clients who have a cough or fever to reschedule (if you are the client) at least 2 weeks out from last recorded symptoms. As such, there may be the need to replace the therapist you are currently scheduled with.

Lastly, we ask all guests into our facility to kindly wash their hands upon arrival and refrain from using their cell phones as they are strong carriers of bacteria and viruses.

If you are concerned about COVID-19 we advise you to visit the CDC or WHO website for current information.

Additionally, if you have any questions about the sanitation practices we have implement, feel free to contact us at wearedoingourpart@canyongatemassage.com