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My massage at Canyon Gate Massage is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in a long time. I’ve never really had a massage, but my sister raved about how they made her feel and because I was having back trouble, it seemed like the time was right. Lisa was amazing, professional, competent, and helped me feel comfortable. Overall it was one of the best things I’ve done for my muscles, joints, and ligaments. Lisa was knowledgeable and helped me identify places on my back and neck that were very tight. I am a biology professor and it was clear she knew what she was doing and had a great understanding of muscle and tendon structure. I think the most telling thing was the effect. I’ve felt better for days and recognize that I should have been doing this long before now. I’m going to be a regular! It was truly amazing.


Steven Peck

I haven’t had a professional massage in over 12 years and needed one desperately. I wasn’t interested in a spa experience, I just needed some relief for my tense muscles in my back, shoulders, and neck. I was super nervous about going, but Lisa completely put me at ease. She is so friendly and answered all of my questions and put all of my concerns to rest. My massage was great! It “hurt so good.” I went back for my second time yesterday and you had better believe I’ll be back again. So grateful I came across Canyon Gate Massage Therapy! Lisa is amazing!!!!


Emily Robertson

This was the best experience ever. Such professional care. I highly recommend Canyon Gate Massage. Very impressive, knowledgeable and genuine. A very good value. I definitely will be returning.


Bonnie Mendoza

I had my first Ashiatsu massage on Monday at Canyon View. It was fabulous and I believe quite therapeutic (rather than just a feel-good experience for an hour). Lisa very was knowledgeable and helpful in giving me specific suggestions for my individual health concerns. I will definitely be a repeat customer!


Julie Thompson

This was by far the best massage I have ever received! Lisa was incredible and very educated in her practice. I was blown away by the relief she was able to provide, not just after the massage but the day after when I am usually really tight. I was really impressed!


Chelsea Madsen

I saw this company on Groupon and decided to do a bit of research. Turns out their pricing is great and I just avoided going through Groupon all together!

Lisa was my Therapist and I can’t say enough about how amazing she was! I felt comfortable and assured that she was going to do a killer job.

I have lower back problems and needed this massage not for relaxation, but for relief. She was able to not only help my back, but explain what she was doing, how it was going to help and what I should do to continue finding relief!

I will absolutely be returning for a few more sessions!


Josh Vurick

Lisa was awesome! I was in a ton of pain and they got me right in even on a Sunday. As a massage therapist I’m really picky…she was perfect! Thank you so much, Lisa!


Stephanie Manuele

This is the BEST massage I have ever had! I have never felt so good! I am hooked!


Diane Larson