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Ashiatsu Comes To Canyon Gate Massage Therapy and Wellness – March 9th, 2018

We are happy to announce that Ashiatsu has come to Canyon Gate Massage Therapy & Wellness. Okay, you’re right, we’ve had Ashiatsu for a while now, but I thought it was about time to put on my hiking boots, climb Mt. Timpanogos and shout it out into the world. So this is me shouting:

Ashiatsu – nounoften capitalized  a·shi·at·su  \ ah-shē-ˈät-(ˌ)sü \

Okay, enough of the technical stuff. Let’s dig in. . .

Have you ever watched a movie or cable show where someone is getting a massage? You know they are, because they lay face down in a beautiful spa, draped with a white sheet. Then, unexpectedly you see a foot and then another one, both standing on the patron’s back. As the camera pulls back we see a small Asian woman holding on to bars that hang from the ceiling. She glides along the muscles and you can just tell the patron is in heaven.

More than meets the eye

We’ve all seen this type of massage in one form or another, but few of us have had the opportunity to experince this form of Oriental Bar Therapy. Is it a long lost tradition? Is it a secret passed down from generation to generation? Of course it’s not. But it is true that very few Licensed Massage Therapist have learned, let-alone actively practice this amazing modality.

Ashiatsu near me

Ashiatsu Massage is in fact a westernized form of Oriental Bar Therapy, where the therapist, through hundreds of hours of training, learns to use a much broader tool than the hands – the feet.

Because the feet are bigger and the therapist can truly use her body weight, she is able to get much deeper into the muscles while causing less discomfort than traditional deep tissue massage. It’s like receiving the benefits of deep tissue but experiencing the tranquility of a Traditional Swedish Massage.

How is “Ashi” different than a regular massage?

Of course at first blush, the feet rather than the use of hands and elbows stands out. But rest assured the meticulously prepared soft and hygienic bare feet are much better suited for deep compression of the muscles and long flowing strokes that stimulate recovery.

So, other than using feet, what makes it different?

First,  feet allow the therapist to deliver long, consistent and smooth strokes that improves circulation due to more surface compression. But it’s not just the circulatory system that benefits, the lymph system is dramatically improved as well.

Second, these long consistent strokes elongate and broadens constricted muscles, and help the client experience postural alignment gains, with the added benefit of no residual soreness after the treatment.

Who can benefit from Ashiatsu Massage?

Of course we can all benefit from massage, but what makes Ashi the right choice?

Ashi is especially helpful to Athletes, people with tight sore muscles and those recovering from an injury. However, any one can reap the numerous benefits of ashi, including:

  • Ashi movements along the spinal muscles and the lumbar region help open intervertebral disc space, in-turn increasing the discs height, allowing the nucleus pulposus inside the disc to assume a more central position in the annular fibers. This assist in releaving irritation on the spinal nerves and connective tissue.
  • it is an effective bodywork treatment for treating and preventing all types of athletic injuries. Most clients report an amazing increases in range of motion and athletic performance while seeing a significant decreases pain.
  • You can will experience bruise-free, pain-free pressure on the deeper layers of muscles, ligaments, tendons  and connective tissues without feeling the need to tense up or cry out in pain. Long gone are the days of pointy elbows, thumbs and knuckles
  • Long expansive head to toe strokes stimulate the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems faster, creating a sense of well being, improvement of bodily functions, and homeostatis.

Who should not try Ashiatsu?

As much as we would love everyone to benefit from Ashi, there are a conditions that are contraindicated. For the health of safety of our clients please inform us if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Have had surgery over the past nine months, or have broken or injured bones
  • Diabities
  • Advanced osteoporosis
  • Currently receiving chemotherapy
  • Taking prescription pain medications, or  uncontrollable blood pressure or  varicose veins

As much as we’d like to let you know what Ashiatsu is and how it can help you. The only way you will truly know, is to try it yourself. Book your appointment today!

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