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When you think of massage, do you think of a Spa with massage? Or do you maybe think of a chiropractor’s office with a massage room?

The truth is, massage therapy can take place anywhere, such as, your home or a private office in a business complex. No matter where you get your next massage, it is important to consider a few key things:

Type of Massage

There are many different modalities when it comes to massage therapy. Each modality provides a different experience. From the relaxing swedish massage to the therapeutic deep tissue massage. It is important to know what you want from your massage, it will help the Therapist make your experience great, not just good. Burkana Bodyworks

  • Traditional Massage (Swedish) – Relax, rejuvenate and refresh.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – deeper pressure to help heal and loosen tight muscles.
  • Hot Stone Massage – Allows your muscles to relax. Great for those who don’t like deep pressure, but still have hard too loosen knots.
  • Sports Massage – recommended after hard workouts, especially active athletes or before any endurance event such as a marathon.
  • Ashiatsu Massage – The deepest type of massage using the therapist feet.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – Focusing on the the feet using corresponding trigger points to help with other areas of the body.
  • Craniosacral – a type of guided therapy that allows the client to release physical and emotional stress .

Experience of the Massage Therapist

Like any skill, such as, massage therapy, it takes education, experience and practice. Of course, there may be a degree of natural ability, however, most would agree that the longer your  Massage Therapist has been working, the higher skill level they would have obtained. Not to mention greater the chance that they have expanded their skill sets through continuing education (which is required in most states to renew a license).

  • Ask the therapist how long they have been licensed.
  • Find out how long they have been working full time.
  • Ask what modalities they are certified in.
  • Ask the therapist if they have worked in any medical setting, such as, a chiropractic office or physical therapy office.

So, don’t be afraid to look for the right fit for you. Burkana Bodyworks

What is a Spa Massage?

In all reality this is not an easy question to answer. Mostly, because it depends on the Spa. However, a spa massage is most often related to a Traditional Swedish Massage. Providing a relaxing experience.

Here at Canyon Gate Massage Therapy and Wellness, we have designed our space to give our client the spa feel without the spa price. In all reality our therapist have 2 to 5 times the experience of your average Spa therapist. With over 17 years of licensed professional experience.

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